Veľkoobchodný distribútor

Main Obligations in the FMD Project for Wholesale Distributors and Parallel Distributors:

- Synchronize with MAHs from whom they buy products;
- Customize it´s IT systems for manipulation with serialized products, including the connection to the SK NMVS interface;
- Customize processes for managing products with serialized and non-serialized packaging in transitory time;
- Be prepared to deliver serialized product packages from all MAHs;
- Verify the delivered products and report detected counterfeits;



If the MAH or TPV is licensed to distribute a products to the Slovak market, then it can choose from two options:
- The obligations arising from the FMD will be fulfilled through its OBP (usually via the parent company)
- These obligations will be met by joining the Sk-NMVS (they must undergo the same connection process as any other local distributor, including the financial cover for the development and deployment of the relevant IT system)